Use evidence and reason to maximize your social impact

Effective Altruism Philippines is the local chapter of the global effective altruism movement in the Philippines. Our goal is to help more Filipinos maximize their social impact using their careers and resources.

This website is not fully finished yet, but you can read about what EA is, our vision and mission, and what we do first below.

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What is Effective Altruism?

Effective Altruism (EA) is a global community of people who use evidence and reason to figure out how to help others as much as possible, and take action on that basis.

Present in 50+ countries, each EA chapter unites people who are interested in EA and want to help solve important but neglected problems.

Photo from an EA Global Conference in San Francisco

EA Philippines' Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a thriving community of Filipinos who use evidence, reason, and compassion to maximize their social impact with their careers and resources.

Our mission is to provide high-quality resources and discussion spaces for Filipino students and professionals to learn about and practice the principles of effective altruism.

We aim to help more Filipinos learn about the importance of maximizing their social impact, which causes could be most important for them to work on, and what they can do with their careers or donations to make an impact on these causes.

Photo from an EA Philippines meetup

What does EA Philippines do?

1. We provide support to local EA student chapters, such as EA Blue in the Ateneo de Manila University and EA UP Diliman in the University of the Philippines. We help them build a community of students in their universities who are interested in maximizing their social impact.

2. We have done some "local cause prioritization" research with volunteers, to research on which causes locally are likely to be most impactful for Filipinos to work on, and how Filipinos can help make an impact in them. These high-impact local causes that we've researched on include health and development, farm animal welfare, and mental health.

3. We do some career advising for people who have already spent some time learning about EA and want to make an impact in one of the important local causes mentioned above, or other important global causes, like extreme climate change, biosecurity, and AI safety.

4. We hold events to help students and professionals learn more about EA or one of its concepts and causes, or have socials to help our community of impact-minded Filipinos connect with each other.

5. We curate an opportunities board with job, internship, upskilling, and volunteer opportunities of other organizations that we think could help those with the right fit have a large positive impact.

6. We have conducted some research on local charities to find out which local health and development non-profits are most impactful for people to support and/or donate to.

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