About the opportunities board

This is EA Philippines' Opportunities Board, where we list jobs, internships, upskilling, and volunteer opportunities of other organizations that we think could help Filipinos with the right fit have a large positive impact.

Some of these roles help tackle some of the Philippines' or the world’s most pressing problems, while others help Filipinos build the career capital (experience, skills, or connections) they might need to have a big impact later. We'd love people's feedback on how valuable it is and how we can improve it. Below the job board are other places to find jobs.

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How we decide what jobs to feature

Firstly, we look for remote roles that Filipinos can apply for on the 80,000 Hours Job Board, and add most or all of them in. 80,000 Hours is a non-profit that helps people, especially those in the global EA community, pursue careers that tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Secondly, we then look at the vacancies of these local organizations whom we think are impactful to work for. Some of these organizations are charities that we've done some research on and think are potentially impactful to work for. Meanwhile, other organizations are ones we've done a bit of research on for our local cause prioritization and career advice research project. We may change this list of organizations whose vacancies we check from time to time.

We are mostly unable to respond to unsolicited requests to promote particular vacancies or organizations on the opportunities board for now. If we don’t think the opportunities board is achieving much, or is taking too much time to up date, we may remove or stop maintaining it.

Where to find more opportunities

Our opportunities board contains a curated list of vacancies and is not comprehensive. Here are some other places where you can find relevant and impactful opportunities.

From the global EA network

Places to find NGO or government roles in the Philippines

Other places to find jobs in the Philippines

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